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Cleaner with Corn

Since 2013, Greene's has been using SystemK4 solvent which has been awarded the USDA BioPreferred® Product Label because it is from USA grown corn. To read more about the use of corn, visit the manufacturer's website. SystemK4 has a similar cleaning ability to perc without the environmental or health concerns previously associated with dry cleaning.

Edison Bulbs

Reduced energy use

From cleaning and pressing equipment to building lighting, we reduce our energy usage whenever possible. Water used to cool the dry-cleaning machine is cycled into the hot water heater so it is preheated before heated for cleaning. In 2018, we completed an LED retrofit of all of our lights through the Energy Watch Program.

Sustainable Energy

Solar Panels

Installation to begin Summer 2019. Solar panels will be installed on as much of the roof area as available. The panels being installed will provide 50-70% of the electricity needed by Greene's production facility. Following installation of the panels, upgraded production equipment is to be installed to further reduce our electric usage. 

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