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Employment Opportunities with Greene's Cleaners

If you are interested in a position with Greene's Cleaners, please complete the online application.
A description of positions can be found on the right, listing does not guarantee a particular position is available.
Customer Service Representative

At Greene's Cleaners, high-quality customer service is our number one priority. A successful customer service representative (CSR) will have excellent communication skills and an attention to detail. In addition to serving customers at our counter or drive-thru, all CSRs are expected to mark-in clothing, assign clothing locations, and assist production as needed. A CSR must have good verbal English skills, basic computer skills, proper phone etiquette, and an attention to detail. 


Our customers have come to expect excellent finished quality in every garment brought to Greene's Cleaners. Whether or not you have previous pressing experience or not, if you take pride in your work and want to be part of the team, please apply. Pressers are cross-trained on multiple positions and pieces of equipment.

Dry Cleaner

The cleaning department is the backbone of our operation. Our cleaners are responsible for all spot treatment, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning. We clean with System K4 solvent and wet cleaning techniques. 

General Production

In addition to cleaning and pressing, there are many general production duties needed in  order to have every order packaged and available for customers. Additional production duties include, but are not limited to, inspection, touch-up, assembly, racking and mark-in. If you are able to multi-task and move from one position to another throughout the day, general production would be the right fit for you. 


Greene's Cleaners has 4 retail routes and 2 commercial routes. 75% of our customers are serviced by pick-up & delivery. In addition to route drivers, we also have shuttles driving items between our two locations. Drivers interested in employment with Greene's Cleaners must be 18 or over and able to provide a clean DMV record. Our drivers are the face fo Greene's Cleaners around town, so we require a clean, presentable look and personable demeanor.

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